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Steiff Limited Editions

Teddy bear replica 1907 - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2023

Steiff Teddy bear replica 1907

In 1902 Richard Steiff gifted the world the very first jointed Teddy bear. His popularity was unparalled. In 1907 alone almost one million Steiff Teddy bears were made. This illustrated an astonishing achievement worthy of celebration. Our striking 1907 Replica embraces all the wondrous ingredients Richard bestowed his bears. The time-honoured facial features, elongated shaped limbs and “spoon” paws, expressive eyes and signature hump on his back. He is a true reward of Steiff yesteryear.

Limited Edition 907 Pieces 

Made of the finest mohair 

5 way jointed 

Size 35cm 

Item number 403514