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Steiff Limited Editions

Teddy Bear Replica 1906 - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2023, Replicas

Steiff Limited Edition Collection 2023, Teddy Bear Replica 1906 

This gorgeous replica based on an original from 1906 is striking for its unique gold dusting, slightly orange shade. In the days of the original, all colours were described as white, blond or brown, which was understood to mean a variety of shades. This adorable Teddy bear is a charming companion who proudly wears the original replica ear tag and is equipped with a squeaker.

LED size 906 pieces
Size 32 cm
5-way jointed
Made of original recreated mohair by Steiff Schulte
Claws and nose hand-garnished
Wooden eyes
paw pads made of wool felt
Wood wool stuffing and body squeeker
‚ÄĘProtective button "with under scored "F" button in the ear" made of patinated steel and original replicated ear tag

Item number 403491