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Steiff Limited Editions

Teddies for tomorrow Soya Unicorn - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2022

The unicorn is not only the emblem of Margarete Steiff's hometown Giengen, but also a fascinating character that has inspired people's imaginations for centuries. This majestic rearing unicorn thus combines tradition and fairytale in itself, his radiant white mane and golden horn complement each other to create an elegant overall image. With plush made from alternatively produced material of woven soy bamboo viscose, the new unicorn is ready to gallop into the future.

limited edition of 2,020 pieces

Size 30 cm
Body made of bamboo-viscose plush
Eyes underlaid with gold
Nostril and mouth painted by hand
Hooves and horn in golden imitation leather
Articulated wires in the legs and tail ensure a stable stand
Filled with corn fiber
Unmistakable "Teddies for tomorrow" brass necklace
With gold plated "Button in ear

£119.00 £199.00