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Steiff Limited Edition's

Porky Pig - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2019

Porky Pig
made of finest mohair
pale pink
3-way jointed (arms and head)
surface washable
with embroidered eyes
limited edition of 1,500 pieces
with gold-plated "Button in Ear"
Size 23 cm, item no. 354496
Due to arrive 03/2019

He’s cute and patient, until he gets mad. He’s also naïve, innocent, and smarter than you’d think when he partners with Daffy Duck. Porky was the first real star at Warner Bros.’ cartoon studio. His sweet and shy and never-say-die nature won over audiences every time. And what would a Looney Tunes cartoon be without his “Th-th-th-that’s all, Folks!” at the end? Now that’s star quality!