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Steiff Limited Edition's

Pepé Le Pew - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2019

Pepé Le Pew is made from black and whtie coloured mohair 

Size 34cm

3 Way jointed (arms and head) 

Surface Washable 

Limited Edition 2000 Pieces, complete in Steiff Gift Box with limited edition certificate 

surface washable
with embroidered eyes
with gold-plated "Button in Ear"
34 cm, item no. 355332

Smooth. Slick. Seductive. Smelly. Pepé Le Pew thinks he'd make a great leading man, except his acting stinks; in fact, so does he! Pepé Le Pew believes he's irrestistible to the ladies, but he doesn't know that their running away is not being coy - it's being terrified. But to Pepé Le Pew, it's the chase that makes a great romance. Just be sure you're upwind.