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Steiff Limited Edition's

Mopsy Bunny - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2018

Mopsy Bunny
made of finest mohair 
3-way jointed (arms and head) 
surface washable 
limited edition of 2,000 pieces 
with gold-plated "Button in Ear" 
25 cm, item no. 355196, MQ 1 pcs
Due to arrive 03/2018 
The beloved classic character Mopsy Bunny will be brought to life in an all-new live-action/CG motion picture based on the series of books written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. The mischievous Peter Rabbit and his family take over the farm, throwing an endless party of fruits, vegetables, and bad behavior, but when a younger, spryer and more fastidious McGregor arrives to claim his inheritance, Peter is determined to keep the party going at the farm. It’s not long before Peter realizes he has a formidable foe in the young McGregor, who is also falling for the local painter (and the rabbits’ surrogate mother), Bea. Now, Peter will stop at nothing to drive McGregor away as the two go to war over the garden and Bea’s affection.