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Steiff Limited Editions

Mila Teddy bear with winter jacket - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2022

Steiff Limited Edition Collection 2022 

Mila Teddy bear with winter jacket

The Steiff Teddy bear children Ben and Mila are our new heroes. In spring 2022 we introduced them in a miniature set, and now for the first time they are presented individually. Mila wears her favourite stylish winter fleece jacket to keep her warm. Mila whose fearless curiosity can often get her in a pickle is looking forward to her first Christmas and playing in the snow. We are certain, however mischieveous, Mila will win you over. Being a member of the Steiff Teddy bear family she has been awarded a very special elephant "button in ear".

Size 28cm

Limited Edition 1902 Pieces 

5 Way Jointed 

Due to arrive September 2022 approx