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Steiff Limited Editions

Lina mouse with Harlekin Teddy Bear - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2023

Steiff Limited Edition Collection 2023

Lina mouse with Harlekin Teddy bear

The vibrant zest for life of the “Roaring Twenties”, which Richard Steiff experienced after moving to the United States and captured perfectly in his creations, is reflected in the Harlekin Teddy bear from 1925. The mouse beams with his cheerful miniature version in her arms. The two friends make an adorable team and continue the series of friendship mice with their loving charm.

LED size 1500 pieces
• 11 cm
• Mouse is 3-way jointed (head & arms)
• Teddy bear Harlequin is 5-way jointed
• made of fine wool plush
• with gold-plated button in ear

Item number 007385