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Steiff Limited Editions

Disney's Christopher Robin Winnie the Pooh - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2019

Steiff Disney, Christopher Robin Winnie the Pooh is Made of the finest mohair in a honey colour. He Wears his famous Red t-shirt and is fully jointed.

Size 30cm 

Item number 355424

Due to arrive September 2019 

Limited Edition 4000 pieces

The Disney adventure “Christopher Robin” is proof indeed that many adults still have a child within them. And it is up to Christopher Robin’s old friends Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger to free him from the shackles of everyday life. With the charming, honey-coloured, red-shirted Disney Christopher Robin Winnie the Pooh at their side, anyone can find their way back to the (figurative) Hundred Acre Wood.