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Steiff Limited Editions

Disney Lion King Timon - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2020

Timon from 'The Lion King' now available in his very own Steiff character! He is made of the finest mohair in a light brown colouring 

Size 24cm 

Surface Washable 

Limited Edition 1994 Pieces - Complete in Steiff Gift Box 

Item number 355509

Simba and Nala, the lions from Disney’s The Lion King are now joined by the upbeat Timon who, together with his friend Pumbaa, shows Simba the joys of leading a carefree life. That is, until Nala attacks them ... Timon the meerkat has a coat of finest light brown mohair, a broad grin, airbrushed details and hand-embroidered eyes. When the friends arrive back in Pride Rock, everything is fine again – or, as their motto puts it, “Hakuna matata – no worries!”