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Steiff Limited Editions

Disney Lion King Pumbaa - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2020

Steiff Brand new The Lion King character - Meet Pumbaa! 

Pumbaa the warthog is made from a russet coloured mohair material and is 23cm in size 

Surface Washable 

Limited Edition 1994 pieces, complete in Steiff Gift Box 

Item number 355516 

The reddish-brown warthog may look nothing like his friend Timon, but they complement each other perfectly in their everyday antics. Although rather portly, Pumbaa moves deftly on slender legs that are supported with limb wire. It soon becomes apparent that he is well able to look after himself and his friends – even when confronted with hungry hyenas. The courageous Pumbaa comes in a limited edition of 1,994.