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Steiff Limited Edition's

Designer´s Choice Uli Little Elephant- Steiff

Limited Edition's 2016

Steiff Limited Edition 2016 Collection

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Uli the Little elpehant is made of non-woven fabric with his main colour grey and then lots of different multi colours splashes!

standing position

surface washable

limited edition of 500 pieces - complete in steiff gift box and with certificate with gold-plated "Button in Ear"

Size 14 cm

EAN 006586 

“Greetings! I’m Uli, the little elephant.” With a slightly bowed head, our little elephant implies a nod to the worthy admirers of his inventor, our company founder; Margarete Steiff created the little elephant in 1880. It all started back then with the little elephant. Originally intended as a pincushion, it laid the company foundation stone upon which Margarete Steiff built in the following years. The design of the new little elephant Uli with the typical wool felt saddle is classically traditional, although the material is very modern; it is made of fleece with colourful splashes and spots of paint. Each of the 500 little elephants is unique, as the arrangement of the colour splashes looks different every time. In our 'Designer's Choice' series, our designers can give their creativity free rein, and they do! This year, Ilrike Schrem (a Steiff designer since 1996) received coveted order to reinterpret classic products. She took her inspiration from the idea of up-cycling and, based on the motto 'good and old becomes good and new,' designed a Teddy bear and a little elephant made of needle felt from painter fleece. American painter Paul Jackson Pollock came to mind for her here. By spraying, pouring and applying colour, from 1946, he presented contrasts of body and soul. 'This fits perfectly' the designer though. 'The needle felt with somehow crazy coloured lifts our classic onto a new stage.'

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