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Steiff Limited Editions

British Collectors Teddy Bear 2024 - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2024

Steiff Limited Edition Collection 2024, British Collectors Teddy Bear 2024 

The perfect keepsake bear for any special occasion happening in the year 2024! Whether it be a new baby, christening, birthday, anniversary or a wedding! 

Complete in Steiff Gift box with individual numbered certificate 

Our British Collectors’ Teddy bear is a traditional classic from ear to toe. This year, his tipped RMS mohair captivates with an exceptionally beautiful play of colour, which is harmoniously complemented by the double layered ribbon around his neck in matching colours. He proudly wears his British Collectors’ chest tag with the “Fabrikmarke” logo, which also reflects the inspiration behind this series: the spirit and soul of Richard Steiff, the inventor of the Teddy bear, are in every fibre of this exclusive collector’s item. The appeal of British Colloctors’ Teddy bear 2024 is completed by his friendly face, his carefully hand-embroidered nose and gentle, dark eyes. He is a bear that is immensely proud to join the celebrated series known as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the collectors’ world.

LED size: 2000 pcs
• 35 cm
• 5-way jointed
• With gold-plated button in ear and white/ red ear tag
• Made of tipped RMS Mohair
• Growler inside the body