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Steiff Classic Bears

Teddy bear 1912 (Teddies for Tomorrow) - Steiff

Limited Edition's 2023

Steiff Teddies for tomorrow Teddy bear 1912 

After the dramatic sinking of the “Titanic” in 1912, Steiff produced black Teddy bears for the very first time to reflect the mood of the grieving nation of Great Britain. These “mourning bears” have remained in the memory of many people to this day . This beautiful black bear with its copper-backed, “red-cried” eyes honours the memory of the people aboard the “Titanic”, but also looks to the future with hope as part of our “Teddies for tomorrow” series.

Size 33 cm

His Body is made of linen plush in a jet black colour and his eyes underlaid with red fellt. His Soles and paws made of violan and he is filled with corn fiber. Part of the Steiff 'Teddies for Tomorrow' collection! 

He has his distinctive ''Teddies for tomorrow‘’ chest tag made of brass and a gold-plated gold button and white/blue ear tag. 

Item number 028441


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