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Steiff Classic Bears

Disney Christopher Robin Winnie the Pooh - Steiff

Steiff Disney Christopher Robin Winnie the Pooh

What would Disney’s Winnie the Pooh look like as a classic Teddy bear? With this extraordinary interpretation of the Disney star, our designer has created a beautiful piece that turns the colourful animated character into a real collector’s item. His blond mohair is a natural approximation of Winnie the Pooh’s familiar yellow, and the iconic red pullover is made of fine knit. The shape of the head and body is also close to that of a traditional Steiff Teddy bear. Unmistakably Winnie the Pooh - and at the same time new and classic. Exceptionally beautiful!

Size 26 cm

5-way jointed

With brass button in ear and white/ blue ear tag

Blonde sparse RMS Mohair

Wears the iconic knitted red jumper

Flat paw pads made of felt

Hand stitched nose


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