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Minimo's and Keyrings Charlie Bears

Roary (Minimo) - Limited Edition 1200 Pieces

Minimo Collection 2017, In Stock

Charlie Bears 2017 Collection

This year Charlie has divided her minimo collection into 4 mini Series! Roary is part of the 'Jungle Cubs' along side Panthea and Tigerlilly! What they lack in size they more than make up for with heart! Choose you favourite or why not collect them all?

Roary is an adorable lion cub, he is just 7.5 Inches tall (19cm) He is made of a mix of alpaca and mohair fur and has coloured eyes, a hand stitched nose and adorable little whiskers!

Fully Jointed and hand finished, Roary stands proudly on his two feet! Wears a key charm pendent around his neck

Limited Edition 1200 Pieces

Complete with Isabelle Lee Bag

There's always room for One More Bear!