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Minimo Collection by Charlie Bears

Nightingale - Limited Edition 600 Pieces

Minimo Collection 2019

One of four beautiful fairy bears that add to Charlie's previous collection of 'At the Bottom of the Garden.' The four new additions for 2019 are; Flutterby, Foxglove, Nightingale and Dragonfly! 

Nightingale is made from green coloured mohair - i think you will agree she looks very magical! 

She wears a pretty, blue and green fairy outfit and has blue, fairy wings on her back. 

She is fully jointed and hand finished, her feet are flat so that she is able to stand unaided. 

Size 6.5 Inches / 17cm 

Limited Edition 600 Pieces

There's always room for One More Bear! 

£75.00 £105.00