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Minimo Collection by Charlie Bears

Lea Bunny - Limited Edition 600 Pieces

Minimo Collection 2020

Lea is one of three adorable bunny rabbits from Charlie Bears 2020 Minimo collection (look out for Prairie and Orchard too!) Choose your favourite or why not collect them all? 

Lea is a baby bunny rabbit (also known as a kit - short for kitten!) who is made from a creamy beige coloured mohair material with a white fluffy alpaca belly and a matching muzzle! 

She has two black glass eyes with white eye felt tipping detail, a hand stitched pink nose and a pink stitched mouth - so sweet! 

She is fully jointed and hand finished 

Prairie wears a cream bow ribbon and a pretty mutli-coloured pendent around her neck 

Size 7 inches / 18cm 

Limited Edition 600 Pieces 

Complete in Charlie Bears minimo pull string dust bag 

There's always room for One More Bear! 

Did you know minimo means mini mohair? They are the perfect size to squeeze into your bear hug (or sit them on a bigger bears knee!)