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Minimo Collection by Charlie Bears

Heartstrings (Minimo) - Limited Edition 1200 Pieces

Minimo Collection 2017

Charlie Bears 2017 Collection 

This year Charlie has divided her minimo collection into 4 mini series. Heartstring's is part of the 'Keeper of Secrets' collection which consists of 4 little bears! Loyal, Sincere, Trusting and dependable, is exactly how you could describe these four little characters!

Heartstrings is made from lovely soft mohair with a shaven back muzzle.

He has two black eyes and a hand stitched nose.

Her wears a heart pendent around his neck as well as a bow ribbon!

He is fully jointed and hand finished

Size 6.5 Inches (17cm)

I'm sure you can find a little space for him in your collection!

Complete with a Minimo Drawstring Bag

Look out for his friends Guardian, Chaperone and Old Faithful!

There's always room for One More Bear!

£55.00 £75.00