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Minimo Collection by Charlie Bears

Gump (Minimo) - Limited Edition 1200 Pieces

Minimo Collection 2017

Charlie Bears 2017 Collection Minimos

This year Charlie has divided her minimo's into four mini series. Gump is part of 'At The Bottom of the Garden' series which consists of three grumpy gnomes and three pretty pixie fairies.

Gump is a grumpy little minimo gnome. (Minimo is a made up word by Charlie Bears meaning Mini Mohair!) He is just 6.5 Inches / 17 cm tall and wears his adorable little gnome outfit and hat! He is fully jointed and hand finished and is free standing (can also sit!) He is made of a mix of mohair and alpaca fur

Limited Edition of 1200 Pieces

Complete with minimo drawstring bag L

ook out for Fraggle and Teasel who are his grumpy gnome friends!

There's always room for One More Bear!

£50.00 £90.00