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Claws - Purrfect Pals Collection Minimo

Minimo Collection 2016

Charlie Bears Minimo Collection 2016 Purrfect Pals Collection

Claws Our Chocolate point siamese kitten is truly gorgeous, and is just old enough now that you can see here markings. She is made from a dense alpaca that has a thick luxourious feel, she has dark deep brown face, paws and accent tips to her tiny ears with a pale pink hand stitched nose and small whiskers.

She is fully jointed but can stand and has a tiny fish accessory as she likes her lunch on the go.

Limited Edition 1200 Pieces

Size 20cm / 8 Inches

Look out for Claw's friends in the Purrfect Pals Collection - Ragdoll, Catnip and Blue!

There's always room for One More Bear!

£58.00 £90.00