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Isabelle Lee Bears

Montgomery - Limited Edition 300 Pieces

Isabelle Collection 2018

2018 Collection, Happily Ever After 

Montgomery is a stunning panda bear cub however not in your traditional panda colours black and white! Instead this bear is made up in tones of rusty brown, chocolate brown and creams, all in a wavy mohair fur. 

He has two black glass eyes with white eye felt tipping detail, and a hand stitched nose. You will notice this panda bear cub also has lower set ears on his head, which i think you will agree makes him look even sweeter! 

He has huge bear paws which have been padded and have sculpting detail to them 

Fully jointed and hand finished 

Size 17 Inches / 43cm

Limited edition 300 pieces, comes complete with his numbered certificate tag around his neck and his Isabelle Lee Dust Bag

There's always room for One More Bear!

Due to arrive in quarter 4 (dates are approx only) 

Look out for Marshall in the same 2018 collection, as these bears sit perfectly together!