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Isabelle Lee Bears

Farley - Limited Edition 250 Pieces

Isabelle Collection 2018

2018 Collection, Happily Ever After 

Farley, a stunning new bear cub from the 2018 collection! Made from a unique, peachy coloured, soft mohair material! 

He has two black glass eyes with shading detail around them which gives him the sweetest 'please take me home' expression! He has a hand stitched nose and you will notice his ears which are slightly lower set than Charlie's usual style of bears! 

Finished off wearing a bee charm pendent on a bow ribbon around his neck

Size 14 inches /36cm

Limited Edition 250 Pieces, complete with numbered certificate tag around his neck and Isabelle Lee Dust Bag 

Look out for his bear friends Ferris and Finny from the same, 2018 collection! 

There's always room for One More Bear!