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Isabelle Lee Bears

Ding Dong - Limited Edition 300 Pieces

Isabelle Collection 2018

2018 Collection, Happily Ever After 

Ding Dong, one of three festive bears in the Isabelle Lee Collection 2018! (Look out for Jolly and Jingle Bell. Each sold seperately so choose your favourite, or why not collect them all?) 

Ding Dong is sure to get you in the festive spirit! He is ready for the cold winter months wears his wooly, knitted hat and matching scarf around his neck! 

Made from a short pile, soft alpaca/mohair/wool with a light coloured muzzle which shows off his black glass eyes and hand stitched nose. 

Fully jointed and hand finished, flat paw pads means he is able to stand unaided! 

Size 9.5 Inches / 24cm 

Limited Edition 300 Pieces, complete with limited number certificate tag around his neck and Isabelle Lee Dust Bag 

Due to arrive in quarter 4 (dates are approx only) 

There's always room for One More Bear!