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Isabelle Lee Bears

Daffy - Limited Edition 400 Pieces

Isabelle collection 2017

Charlie Bears, Isabelle Lee Collection 2017 Daffy "Even bears feel the cold and that's why Charlie has given each of these cheeky chappies from 'the hat series' a hat to keep them warm during the winter. The eagle eyes amongst you will notice they are the long distance relatives of your be-hatted bears from the 2015 collection ..." Daffy is an adorable Charlie Bear from the 2017 Collection! He is made from a rusty colour mohair and has alpaca detailing to his face. He is fully jointed and stands on his feet! He has two black glass eyes and a hand stitched nose Size 44cm / 17.5 Inches Limited Edition 400 Pieces Daffy wears his knitted hat with a bell on the end and matching scarf around his neck! Complete with Isabelle Lee Bag There's always room for One More Bear!