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Isabelle Lee Bears

Bagsy - Limited Edition 400 Pieces

Isabelle collection 2017, In Stock

Charlie Bears, Limited Edition 400 Pieces

Did you know Charlie and Will were originally from "Up North" and are very proud of their roots! So proud that they even named some of the bears from the 2017 collection after some Northern words - Including this bear called Bagsy!

Bagsy is made of a mix of both alpaca and mohair fur! He has soft, alpaca arms, legs and ears and then long fluffy mohair on his body and face!

He is fully jointed and hand finished

He has two black glass eyes and a hand stitched nose

Wears a pendent around his neck

Limited Edition 400 Pieces

Size 14.5 Inches / 37cm

Complete with Isabelle Lee Bag

There's always room for One More Bear!

£125.00 £185.00