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Isabelle Lee Bears by Charlie Bears

Pantomime (The Marionettes) - Limited Edition 100 Pieces

Isabelle Collection 2020


Charlie has created this wonderful new series of marionettes where you can bring the characters to life by moving the strings and create your very own puppet show. 

There are four characters too choose from (or why not collect them all?) Each character comes on a beautiful hand crafted display as shown on the picture. There are 2 bears; Curtain Call and Barbelles. A bunny rabbit called Starlette and a dog called Pantomime! 

Pantomime is a stunning dog character who is made from a curly mohair material with white paws, face and belly which are super soft alpaca fur!  He has two black glass eyes with white eye felt tipping detail and a hand stitched nose. 

Pantomime wears a beautifully detailed waistcoat and matching top hat 

Fully Jointed and hand finished 

Limited Edition of only 100 Pieces 

Size 11.5 Inches / 29cm 

Due to arrive in quarter 4 (October - December) Please note dates are approx only 

There's always room for One More Bear!