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Isabelle Lee Bears by Charlie Bears

Nippy - Limited Edition 350 Pieces

Isabelle Collection 2019

Nippy is one of two new additions to the Madhatters series of bears (Look out for Toastie too!) 

He is made from curly mohair fur in a rusty orange colouring with alpaca detailing on his muzzle! He has two black glass eyes and a hand stitched nose.  

He has sculpted detailing on his hand paw pads and his feet are flat so that he is able to stand unaided.

Fully jointed and hand finished

 Nippy wears a warm cosy hat and a ribbon around his neck 

Size 17.5 Inches / 45cm

Limited Edition 350 Pieces

Due to arrive in quarter 3 July - September

There's always room for One More Bear!