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Isabelle Lee Bears by Charlie Bears

Curly Temple - Limited Edition 220 Pieces

Isabelle Collection 2020

Curly Temple is one of 5 new characters to join Charlie Bears 'Leading Lights' series which has been continued from 2017 (it included bears such as Heston, Hepburn, Chaplain and Washington.) The series are all named after famous film stars - so these bears may expect to be treated as royalty once they arrive at their new homes! 

Curly Temple is a beautiful teddy bear made from a long pile, wavy mohair in a blonde colouring. She has white alpaca detailing on her muzzle, two black glass eyes and a pink coloured, hand stitched nose. 

You will notice Curly Temple has huge, sculpted, bear paws which have soft alpaca detailing on them! 

She is fully jointed and hand finished 

Curly Temple wears a luxurious, oversized bow ribbon around her neck 

Size 14 Inches (36cm)

Limited Edition 220 Pieces

Complete with Isabelle Lee Dust Bag 

Due to arrive in quarter 3 (between July - September) please note dates are approx only 

There's always room for One More Bear! 

Look out for her 4 'Leading Lights' friends in this collection - Ted Astaire, Rita, Greta and Zsa Zsa!