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Isabelle Lee Bears by Charlie Bears

Clematis - Limited Edition 300 Pieces

Isabelle Collection 2019

Clematis is a sweet, girly teddy bear from Charlie Bears 2019 Collection Folklores and Fables. 

She is made from a pink coloured, mohair material with a cream coloured muzzle and inner ears. She has two black glass eyes and a baby pink coloured, hand stitched nose. 

Clematis has sculpted, padded paw pads and wears a pretty bee charm pendant on a necklace aswell as a pretty bow ribbon on her head. 

Fully jointed and hand finished 

Size 11 Inches / 28cm 

Limited Edition 300 Pieces 

Look out for her bear friends Celandine and Shamrock - they sit perfectly together! 

There's always room for One More Bear!