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Charlie Bears Plush

Taggle - Charlie Bears

2018 Collection

2018 Collection, Happily Ever After 

Meet Taggle, the patchwork teddy bear! Made from a mixture of different complementary colours in a beautiful, soft plush! 

He has two black glass eyes with white eye felt tipping, and a coloured hand stitched nose. He has the sweetest 'take me home' expression on his face! 

Sculpted detaiing, padded paws on all four bear paws. 

Fully jointed and hand finished 

Size 14.5 inches / 37cm 

Wears a bow ribbon with a key charm pendent around his neck

Look out for his bear cub friend, Raggle - they sit perfectly together!

There's always room for One More Bear! 

£30.00 £58.00