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Charlie Bears Plush

Rockpile - Bearhouse Bears

2021 Collection, Bearhouse Bears

Charlie Bears 2021 Collection 'Keeper of Secrets' 

The Bearhouse Bears range are made from the same high quality plush materials as the  Charlie Bears plush collection! The only difference is these  cheeky characters are non-jointed and machine washable at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle! Suitable for anyone over 18 months, these are perfect for children, or older ones (known as adults!) 

Rockpile is an adorable looking Weasel character from the bearhouse bears collection! He is made from soft plush material and wears a fabric bandana accessory around his neck 

Size 15.5 Inches / 39cm 

Due to arrive in quarter 3 (Betweeen July - September)  

There's always room for One More Bear!