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Charlie Bears Plush

Malibu - Charlie Bears

2019 Collection

Meet Malibu! She is a beautiful bunny rabbit who stands proudly at 30 Inches tall (76cm) 

Malibu is part of the bigger bear series from the 2019 collection 'Folklores and Fables.' (Look out for Effie and Waddle, who are other animals from the series!) 

She is made from a soft touch plush in dark beige with lot's of white tipping detail and a white fluffy belly! 

She has big rabbit feet which are flat so that she can stand unaided! 

Fully jointed and hand finished 

Malibu is limited edition to 1000 pieces 

Finished off wearing a pink bow around her neck 

There's always room for One More Bear! 

Please note the image is showing her wearing a bell, This has changed and she comes with a bow, without the bell.