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Charlie Bears Plush

Dan - Charlie Bears

2019 Collection

Meet Dan! He is a brand new bear from Charlie Bears 2019 Collection 'Folklores and Fables' 

Dan is one of the plumo bears from this collection (plumo means they have been created using a mix of both plush and mohair fabrics. The mohair is used to crerat their faces and inner ears!) 

He is a gorgeous blue colouring with lot's of white tipping detail, and then pure white colouring on his mohair muzzle and inner ears! 

Fully jointed and hand finished 

Dan wears a big, oversized bow ribbon around his neck 

He has sculpted, padded paw pads on all four paws for adding detail! 

His size is 17 Inches / 43cm 

Due to arrive in quarter 4; October - December 

Look out for Bear cub 'Jill' who is great friends with Dan! 

There's always room for One More Bear!