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Charlie Bears Plush

Ginny - Charlie Bears

2017 Collection, In Stock

Charlie Bears 2017 Collection In a Land Far, Far Away 

Ginny is an adorable panda bear. He is not your usual panda colours though as he is a soft grey and white coloured panda made from silky soft plush. Ginny has two black eyes with small eye white detail underneath which creates the Charlie Bears signature “who me?” look as well as hand stitched nose.

He is fully jointed and has sculpted paw pads on his hands, where as his feet are flat so that he is able to stand up! Simple accessories have been created in the form of small thread collar necklaces with flower pendants.

Size 11 Inches (28cm)

Look out for Jago, the perfect panda companion for this little bear cub!

There's always room for One More Bear!