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Alices Bear Shop

Cobby Goes for a Swim Story Book

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Alices Bear Shop 

Alice's Bear Shop (Created by the talented Rikey Austin) is re opening it's doors after creating their first characters and story books over 20 years ago! Now you can re-live (or begin to enjoy) the magic of Alices Bear Shop with us at One More Bear, with the return of all the well loved, original characters including; Woodroffe, Tat, Cobby, Sandy, Little Bear Lost and Captain (along with some brand new faces!) 

Cobby Goes for a Swim - Written and illustrated by Rikey Astin this fabulous Story book is all about one of the original characters of Alices Bear Shop Cobby!

This Hard back story book is perfect to collect along side the plush character bear Cobby - Children are sure to love reading the story book and having their very own teddy bear that they see in the story book!