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Svyatokha Bears

Andy 1/1 Svyatokha Bears

Svyatokha Bears By Julia Svyatokha 

Meet Andy! He is a gorgeous teddy bear made from a blonde coloured, soft, german mohair material. He is filled with fiberfill and metal pellets for a nice, heavy weight. 

He is fully jointed with a wobble jointed head and he has flexible hands with copper wire inside. 

He has two black glass eyes and clay eyelids. He also has dark shading detailing around them. His nose is needle felted. 

Size 12.5 inches (32 centimeters)

Andy wears a cotton striped sweatshirt, a pair of blue jeans, a woolen hat and a scarf! He also has leather boots on his feet! (All clothes are removable.) 

Please note this is a collectors item, not suitable for children