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Samt & Roses Baren Bears

Penny 1/1 Samt and Roses Baren

Samt & Roses Baren Bears by Ika Wagner-Heinze

One of a Kind

Penny is a beautiful, unique teddy bear. She is handmade from a variety of different fabrics including a pale blue, sparse mohair on her head, two patterned fabrics on her body, and a mix of mohair and fabric materials on her arms and legs. 

She has two, coloured glass eyes and a sparsely stitched nose. 

She is fully jointed and heavily weighted. 

Penny wears a pretty pink skirt and a vintage looking, cream jacket. 

Size 13.5 Inches (approx from head to toe) 

Please note this is a collectors item, not suitable for children 

£199.00 £299.00