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Samt & Roses Baren Bears

Lillie Bell 1/1 Samt and Roses Baren

Samt & Roses Baren Bears by Ika Wagner-Heinze

One of a Kind

Lillie Bell is a beautiful girly teddy bear made from a mixture of colours of fabrics. Her head is a sparse, cream coloured mohair which has been shaved back on her muzzle to show off her sparsley stitched nose. She also has two coloured glass eyes! 

Her legs and arms are also made from soft mohair and have been tinted a baby pink colouring. Her body underneath her dress is a pretty pink, patterened fabric. 

She has shown stitches on various parts of her body and a wobble jointed head to give her an old, well loved, vintage effect. 

Lillie Bell wears a vintage looking cream and pink dress which has aging detail added. 

She is fully jointed and heavily weighted 

Size 15 Inches (approx, from head to toe) 

Please note this is a collectors item, not suitable for children