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O'Little Shine Designs

Mistletoe Unicorn 1/1 O'Little Shine Design

O'Little Shine Designs

Mistletoe the Unicorn; Sends you Christmas Wishes 

Mistletoe is a stunning Unicorn who is made from a pastel green coloured, super soft viscose. She has a peachy pink coloured muzzle, inner ears and on all 4 of her hooves. 

She is fully jointed and filled with stuffing and steel shot to give them a nice weight, but they are still super soft and squidgy when picked up!

She has a beautiful unicron mane made from wensleydale locks in beautiful pastel colours. She also has silver grey unicorn horn, and of course some added sparkle on her head (she is a Unicorn after all) 

Size 12 Inches (approx from head to toe) 

Please note this is a collectors item, not suitable for children