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Olena Kulakovska Bears

White Rabbit by Olena Kulakovska

Olena Kylakovska Teddy Bears, Handmade by Olena from Ukraine. 

This wonderful White Rabbit promises not to be late on his arrival to his new home! 

He is made from a soft, hand dyed vintage plush material with shading / toning detailng on various parts of his body which has been achieved using oil paints. 

This white rabbit is dressed for a date in Wonderland, wearing a unique hand made white and red outfit. When you look closely you will see the amazing detailing that has gone into it with french velvet ribbon used, beaded stitching, vintage lace and even swarovski cystals! 

The rabbit is thickly stuffed with sawdust and metal granulated material. He has glass eyes. 

He is Fully jointed and assembled with 5 split pins to arrange into a variety of poses. 

Size 8.5 Inches (approx from head to toe) 

Please note this is a collectors item, not suitable for children