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Leni Dolls

Panda 1/1 Leni Dolls

Leni Dolls are handmade by the talented artist Elena Nagel. Elena who is orginally from Russia, now lives in Germany and has been making bears for the past 7 years! Elena's style of bear is very vintage looking, like they have once been well loved! But all bears are brand new and one of a kind pieces!

Panda (no name so you can call him what you desire) is a stunning panda bear. Made from soft viscose material  in cream and black colouring with lot's of shading detail to his body to give him an old, well loved effect. He has two black eyes with white detailing underneath and a little black stitched nose on his muzzle. 

Panda also has little 'shown stitches' on various parts of his body which again add to his vintage effect.

He is very soft and squidgy when picked up with a nice weight too him. 

Panda wears a vintage style dungaree aain with shading detail to make him look old and worn 

Size 7 Inches (approx, from head to toe) 

Please note this is a collectors item and not suitable for children