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Black Bear (alpaca) 1/1 Krambambuly Bears

Krambambuly Bears by Ricarda Thiesen
Black Alpaca bear - One of a Kind

This adorable teddy bear is so life-like looking! He is made from soft, alpaca fur in jet black colour with a cream coloured muzzle. On his muzzle he has a life-like looking black nose, two coloured glass eyes which have felt tipping detail around them and eyelids over the top!
You will notice this bear is excited to see you - as he is showing off his pearly whites! He has an open mouth with his little teeth and tongue inside (just amazing!)
He has felt paw pads which have been sculpted and shaded.
He is 4 way jointed and has a plastic spine inside which means he can pose and sit (or lie down) however you want! This is the same for his head too so you can sit him in exactly the right angle!
He is well weighted with bean filling but his belly is soft and squidgy when picked up for a cuddle!
Size 14 Inches (Approx from head to toe)

Please note this is a collectors item, not suitable for children


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