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Algirdas Mazgelis Bears

Savannah Camel 1/1 Algis Bears

Savannah the Camel is a very unusual looking Camel, with TONS of character! She has been made using high quality faux fur and german wool.Her striking face has been needle felted and then shaded and sculpted, she has two huge glass eyes too! 

Her legs are made from polymer clay and she can stand unaided on all four! 

Savannah's neck and legs have a lockline skeleton inside meaning she is fully adjustable so you can pose her however you wish! 

She is filled with german wool and glass granules for a nice weight. 

She has two camel humps on her back.


length, approx from body to front of head is 12 inches

Height, approx 7.8 Inches 

Please note this is a collectible item therefore is not suitable for children under 14 years. 

£199.00 £299.00